Saturday, August 1, 2009


The world is always smaller in the church. People know people, word spreads like wildfire, and someone is always there to “invite” you to share your talents with others. Guess what? Same holds true in Ghana as it does everywhere else. The work Lynley does every year in Africa has gathered quite a reputation in the areas she has served. We were “invited” by our ward, the Christianbourge Ward, to share our talents of teaching! So, last night (Friday) we headed to the stake center across from the temple to hold a fireside on our AIDS lessons.

Knowing we were in a church setting, we catered the lessons to our audience. I spoke on the Divine Institution of Marriage. We had already introduced the myths and transmission of HIV, so to kind of lead into the church discussion, I spoke about how in the time of Moses there were plagues sent among the people. Now in these latter-days we also have plagues, such as HIV/AIDS. Spoke on the importance of providing a safe haven from these plagues, the responsibility of families, how families are made up of men and women, and finally leading to my teammates discussion of abstinence and faithfulness and the happiness that comes to marriages when they follow simple guidelines.

They dance towards each other, jump up, then come down and bump hips

After what I’m sure was an entertaining lesson from all of us :) …some of the boys and girls of the ward gave us a really entertaining show of dancing and drumming. They belong to a group they call “Dromo” which means By the Grace of God. Fun costumes, fun drumming, happy faces, it was just fun.

Check out the boots. Way cool!

Front left??? Yeah...I danced with him. Hello muscles!


In the last number they came over to where we were watching and picked some of us out of the audience. The boy I danced with was gorgeous. I can NOT dance like an African. They move so beautiful. And they look like they are having such a great time. But I gave it a try and attempted to forget how ridiculous I was looking and just have fun. And it was!

Oh, and something else fun…when I was at Frankie’s the other night, we were getting ice cream (surprise) and the boy dishing it up had a ring on. I asked him what it said even though I thought I knew, and it was a CTR ring. Fun! So we walked in to the stake center last night and there he was. It was neat to see him in both environments. The world is always smaller in the church~


  1. Oh my gosh! You had dad and I cracking up with this one!! "Hello muscles." We need a video!!!

  2. P.S. Your lesson sounded wonderful, Anne Marie. You are a smart gal...

  3. This is from your brother Ty....he wants to know if his muscles made you "jiggy."

  4. What a great ending presentation after you've had so much practice and gained so much confidence. And how fun to end it with a little dancing--nothing wrong with that!