Thursday, August 20, 2009


For all the dirt I experienced, I think I saw equal parts
color of everything else.
Just random photos really~

We went to some of the houses in the monkey village
to see how people lived. This was just a
gate with laundry drying I thought was pretty.
I wanted the fabric!

I loved all the buckets and pots for wash and food.

This is how we bleached our fruit before eating it.
Kinda pretty though~

Jordyn got so excited to find this unique shell...
until we kept walking and were practically
dancing around the sand dollars!
Oh, back when we had clean toes:)

Sunset at Mole

Most rustically colorful gas station


  1. Love the pics. We need to get eachother a copy of all our pictures. Oh, and PS...I found the sand dollar!!! ;)

  2. You definitly got your fathers talent in picture taking. I love all of your beautiful pictures! What a great experience.