Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cousin Cocoa

Karin and I have maintained a long standing tradition of going to Baskin Robbins Dollar-Scoop Tuesdays for like 3 years. Tonight as I was walking home I was so cold I suggested maybe we should switch it up and go get something warm instead. So...

Love ya Karin!


  1. So cute and cozy! I think it's funny you both are wearing the same color...not to mention the matching hair and skin tones. You could easily be sisters rather than cousins!

  2. I smile to thing that you are taking advantage of opportunities to throw snowballs and spend time together with cousins while you're living in the same city. I don't need to remind you that "these are the days you'll remember". (Sing it, 10,000 Manics. That was seriously the anthem of my single days.)

  3. I didn't know Baskin Robbins had dollar scoop days!