Monday, December 7, 2009

*S'no snow day unless you have a snowball fight*

!!!!! Snow Fight !!!!!

Our ward went to the old folks home to sing songs tonight and when we came home, most of us just spilled out of the car (there were about 10 of us in Orin's car) and ended up in the quad for a
snowball fight. Excellent~

I learned years ago that
staying on the boys team often
is the safest
I put on gloves and earned my
immunity by making the ammunition.

Unfortunately my roommates
stayed on our balcony which
overlooks the courtyard
and took A LOT more hits
than I did. Nice~

Look at our balcony! It was
just pelted with snowballs.

A little bit of the action with:
Abel,Dane, Orin, Zach,
Kaitlin, Rachael,Me,Brooke,
and Brock.

At one point Dane threw me over
his shoulder and ran to the huge
pile of snow and had me dangling
over it, but mercifully
held me just above it.

This semester has been easily one
of the most stressful of all. Yet,
I have been playing and living it up
like never before.


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  2. Just so fun. Seriously. You were blessed with one amazing situation this semester. Each year has been so sweet and unique in different ways. Enjoy! Well, I know you are. KEEP enjoying!