Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's just one of those days

Ya know, somedays I would swear the Lord pulls a fast one on us and makes the day like 34 hours instead of 24. Let me break it down for ya...

*Last night there was, shall we say, some boy drama in my life and consequently I did not get to bed until 3 am, a rarity for me.

*I then slept for a peaceful 4 hours before jumping out of bed and heading to my first class. Nothing like giving a presentation at 8 in the morning to get ya goin.'

*I somehow managed to run home (almost literally...there was a point where I would consider myself moving at somewhat of a skipping trot) to finish my next powerpoint slideshow for my evening class.

*Oh wait, lets not forget the two papers to turn in for a grand total of 23 pages. Which wouldn't have been so bad had my printer not decided to do THIS to my 4th page...

...and then jam altogether. Off to campus I ran (in high heels courtesy of said evening presentation) where I managed to slip into class only 30 min late. Hate that.

*Then it was back to the library to print off the next who knows how many pages. Lets just say that the stack was thick enough that as I tried to staple it I actually turned to the girl next to me also mid-staple and said "Where are all the strong men when you need them?"

*I basically settled for two half-way-through staples and jogged to class.
(There was a brief moment here where I called for a quick chat with mama and that was nice.)

*"Anne Marie, would you like to present first?" Oh sure, why not! I think I made an audible intake of breath when he waved the 3 minutes remaining hand cus as usual, I was giving too much detail. (Just ask mom or dad about how they used to try to have me 'summarize' my books as a kid, and when I was done they pretty much felt like they had read the book too...twice!)

*Chilly walk home in the wonderful 22 degree weather once again resembling a sherpa in the Himalayas and...

I think I still have about 8 fully functioning defrosted toes.

Guys, some days are just long. But I would SO rather be busy then not, and I feel so accomplished. I have to remind myself to be grateful for this busy learning time I am in in life and love the stress. So not always easy. At one point today when rather choice words were coming to mind about my defective printer, etc. etc. the words
"I lived in Heaven a long time ago it is true. Lived there and loved there with people I know such as you..." came to mind and I started singing them before I realized what I was saying. And I realized what a short time this Earth life is and how every minute we are blessed to experience life, and all too soon we will return to heaven again and look back at life as the briefest of moments in all the eternities~

Still...I think I'll have a word in prayer tonight about the 'special extended hours' of today and how I'm not sure how many I could take in a row. To all you mom's...props! I know your days are 'extended' probably more often than not :)


  1. Haha! I knew it was going to be a crazy day for you...precisely why I texted rather then phone you. Glad you called me. Love the photo of the paper jam AND the sherpa...made me laugh!

  2. I seriously think that those days are the way we check our stress-control systems: adrenaline flows, heart pumps, and we still have to breathe, smile, think clearly, be kind to roommates, etc. I'm glad you made it through . . .