Thursday, September 3, 2009

As One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

Well friends, as all good things do, this fun African portion of my blog comes to a close. I have just two more photos to share.

About a week after returning home to the US, a wonderful couple in my home ward who are Ghanaian came to visit. I shared with them a few stories and thoughts about the trip as we all gathered around my computer going through my photos. It was so fun to see the excitement they shared with me about my time in Africa. They knew exactly what I was talking about when I shared with them the many cultural things I experienced and saw... and in return, I could clearly picture and understand their stories and explanations about life in Ghana. I just loved hearing Isaac and Abigail laugh every time I would say something that one could only know by actually living and observing daily the ways of the African people, like the handshake and snap! In church my first Sunday back, we showed mama our handshake/snap and when mama didn't "get it" Isaac laughed and said, "You don't know the tricks, you don't know the tricks!" So fun~

Ghana was their home for many many years and though it was only my home for a month, we three now share a special place in our hearts for the wonderful people and places of West Africa.
This is my first "creation" (a skirt) from the yards and yards of fabric I purchased in Africa...and it's only the beginning!

I have absolutely loved sharing my thoughts, feelings, and photos with all who have followed this blog hourly (as with mama!), daily, or even just occasionally. I am forever changed from my experience in Africa. I appreciate and am very touched by all the kind words and thoughts that have been shared with me by those who have followed this blog and, in a sense, journeyed with me through Ghana. I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family members. I hope to continue to share with you more of the important and fun moments of my blessed days on this earth as I close this chapter of my life and open a new one.

Much love,
Anne Marie


  1. I love you. You are a beautiful person.

  2. I loved all of your blog. Thank you for being so persistent in writing and posting. I love and understand my Ghanian brothers and sisters better than before.

    And I loved your stay in Paris, too.

    Thank you,

  3. I met a new cousin today. His mother asked him what color he was. "Black." Then she asked him if he was any other colors. He showed me his hands and feet and said "Pink." Then he went back to climbing his rock.

  4. Wonderful ending Annie to an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  5. So fun to see Isaac and Abigail again, say hi to them for me. Cute skirt also. Have a great year at BYU!

  6. So fun to follow.I have so enjoyed your blog, thanks for sharing! My parents had a wonderful time sharing and visiting with you!