Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brumsy & I

So, Ty boy has long since been affectionately coined by myself as "brumsy." The dudes and I have like the best time when I'm home. Here are some of my most favorite photos of us. Oh, man...I just love this boy more than I can say~

Look how young!

Dad was picking out glasses and...
Ty and I got carried away!

This was in the middle of Hailey's farewell party.
Guess we got distracted with each other. Haha!

Just hangin' on the front porch~

So, Ty had to have a chaperone on his 8th grade
graduation field trip. Of course,
I "volunteered" and off to six flags we went.
The bus ride was long shoot!

P.S. Some friends of his thought I was his girlfriend.
Yes friends it's true,
I can STILL pull off age 14 convincingly...

Evidence of 14 yr. old behavior

So the goal of this one was for only one of us
to be in the frame at a time.
The timer was way too short for much success...
But we were laughing SO hard!

Hey Brumsy...
I'm listening to Angels & Airwaves "Sirens"
(red van+ sunset+ Quincy + this album + U = best times of summer)


  1. Very hard to pick a favorite here. But the "glasses" photo, the cheeks pressed together photo and the final set of four are pretty funny. I can hear the laughter in my head. He misses you like you wouldn't believe.

  2. I just love that you call him brumsy....(whhhhhhat?)

  3. Big sister / little brother love is so wonderful.

  4. He is such a loveable boy! Cute post Annie.