Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cedar City

So Call has started at SUU in Cedar City for his freshman year of college and I have now been up to see him twice! One time dad was there too and we planted tons of trees on a farm my uncle is starting in Enterprise. I love having family close!

I got a really thorough tour of the campus. He took me to every class and showed me all the sports facilities, which are so nice and so clean! Really impressive actually. This campus holds Shakespearian festivals each year so he took me to see the outdoor theatre as well.

That evening we went to dinner at Chili's...his request. We were laughing and having so much fun the waiter actually apologized for interrupting us to take our orders! Then I had the brilliant idea to make brownies for him and may I just say...Gharidelli chocolate brownies far surpass the normal Betty Crocker ones. YUM! We ate quite a few...

And what trip can ever be complete without a morning visit to IHOP?

Or...happy faces out of leftover sausage and eggs?!

Then it's off back to Provo.

Even though it is a long drive it's totally worth it to see my Callie Boo.
Love you hun!


  1. It makes us happy to see you loving and caring for one another. Fun photos of both of you, and of Call's new stomping grounds!

  2. We miss Call here at the Falke house! I am so glad that you two are within driving distance and can visit so often. Adorable photos....

  3. Yay for freshman year! I'm so excited for him. What luck you have to be able to drive to see him. What luck he has to have you so close.

  4. That is so fun he is up there in Utah now too. I bet Mama is so sad to have 3 of her chicks gone.