Saturday, September 26, 2009

Roommate fun

It has been such a blessing to be living with my roommates in my new apartment. They are all such genuinely kind girls. We talk like we've known each other for years and support each other in all our school life stresses. The four of us (Kaitlin, Brooke, Jenny and I) just mesh!

Like my first weekend here in the new apartment my social roommates actually managed to get me out at night to one of the biggest parties I've ever been to. (we're talking 2,000+ people)
All beautiful girls and so kind.
{Kaitlin, Me, Brittin (friend), Brooke, Megan (adopted roommate!)}

Jenny, Kaitlin and Brooke threw me a mini party with balloons...

...and cake!

Roommates old and new took me out for
a birthday dinner at Carrabas. Anything
Italian and I say YES!

For old times sake, Kylie and I. Have we ever NOT been together? I consider Ky my sister and love her so much because she's always there for everything important that's ever happened in my life.

Aunt Molly flew into Utah to visit cousin Karin Rowan (who might as well be an adopted roommate because we see each other at least twice a week) and her two sisters. Lucky for me, they had extra tickets to the R.S. broadcast. This was my first time and I just loved the feeling of being surrounded by all those women! Jenny got in on this deal too! Afterwards, we all went to a yummy French Cafe for treats. Girls nights out are wonderful. And what a sweet way to prepare for Sunday hearing the words of our great Sisters of the R.S. as well as the ever tender words of Elder Eyring. This church is a blessing~


  1. I love that you take advantage of all of the good things around you. Such darling photos of you and the other girls...ALL of them. From cousin to Kylie to sweet new roomies. Goodness radiates!

  2. It looks like your are having a wonderful semester Anne Marie. Happy Belated birthday share the day with my mom! Love you....

  3. It's so wonderful when a BYU apartment feels like home. I decided in my third year that it had less to do with the condition of the couches and more to do if my roommates asked me how my test went.

  4. What is this, a blonds only apartment? Such cute girls and other great pictures. Fun to see Kylie too.