Sunday, September 27, 2009


{Me, Mark, Spence & Karin}
My sweet cousin Spencer walked me home after our cousin dinner tonight. When he found out I didn't have anything pressing to do tonight, he told me to go grab a book, then drove us up to the canyon. It was so beautiful.

I wanted so badly last year to go up into the canyon to see the leaves and just enjoy all the colors. This was better~

I liked the leaves in all the mud. Contrast.

Spence found a trail he's been to a few times and we took tons of photos.
This was the prettiest open meadow.

Can you see the moon?
We split off the main trail and ended up sitting by this little river to read. It was so nice. Mama has always liked the sound of running water (well who doesn't really) because it is so calming and you feel like taking a breath of fresh air.

It really meant a lot to me to have my cousin spend time just with me and talk with me so kindly. Sunday evenings always feel so calm and this evening was definitely that~


  1. This is a lovely and calming post. I did NOT see the moon in that one photo until I looked! I love that you appreciate the colors and beauty around reveals a tender spirit.

  2. That canyon is magical. I spent a summer working there, and I, too, found perfect places to hide away while enjoying a chapter or two at a time. I believe the sounds of the quaking leaves put me right to sleep a time or two during a read.

  3. Wow, I can't believe the colors are changing there already, we are just starting here. So beautiful.

  4. The quaking aspen are the best in the Utah mountains! Lovely.