Friday, July 18, 2014

100 Happy Days -- Days 96-98

I'm in Boston.
What hasn't been a happy moment?

Happy Day Moment #96
Opening a travel package from him.
Mostly it consisted of fancy chocolates (perfect),
but also a new mix tape.
We listened to the new tunes while I packed and he explained why he liked each individual song.
Then I flew away on a red-eye.

Happy Day Moment(s) #97
*KJ picked me up from the airport and brought me home :)

*Dropped off my bags, then hit the city.
*Lunch with Miss Mitton in Copley Sq.
*Ran wedding errands I've been waiting to do since it's kinda something specially found here.
*Sat on some steps to eat a fantastic cupcake in the great weather.
Complete stranger walked by with his wife and said, "You look like you're in heaven."
I said, "Sir, I am."
I'd like to know what I looked like in that moment, cus I was feelin' pretty dang content with life, and obviously wasn't hiding it.
*Walked through the Public Gardens
*The hottest T rid of my life to meet up with Jennie.
We've got a sushi love we share.
*Talking w/ girl friends on hard wood floors that creek and really loud AC units.
*Karaoke night!
*11 pm walk to JP Licks. We just couldn't wait a full 24 hours to renew this tradition. And I'm fully aware i look way too excited. Can't help it.

Happy Day Moment #98 
{so far}
*Asked Alex and Laur to go to the temple with me.
I love that Celestial room ~ stained glass

*Walking up familiar steps, cooking lunch and answering the door like its my own house.
Which it's not, and that's ok haha ;)

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  1. I love that you embrace your past! People say "live in the now" and I say "live in the now AND relive your past AND live for the future all at once!" It's all important!