Monday, July 7, 2014

100 Happy Days -- Days 84-87

Happy Day Moment #84
Driving the freeways of Vegas watching all the fireworks go off all across the city. We'd tried to get to a show, but it kind of didn't happen. So we ended up driving where we thought it was going to be... then back home for a round trip of about an hour. It was actually really cool to watch everything across the valley light up in a large-scale panoramic sort of view. 
I asked him to tell me the story of the Fourth of July.
One thing you should know about him, he knows his history; dates, names, facts, etc. 
One thing you should know about me, I like to ask questions; interruptive-ly, specific, and until I really truly understand, etc.
It was unique. And really fun.

Happy Day Moment #85
Driving to the airport with him... twice.
First, to pick up his parents from their Ireland trip.
Then, to pick up their lost luggage a bit later.
We decided twice was enough for one night.

Happy Day Moment #86
Listening to my cousins' mini home coming firesides at my uncle's house.
One came home from Nicaragua.
One came home from India. 

Happy Day Moment #87

I love purple orchids, most of any flower. 
He said he had to "drop something off" before FHE.

{and I didn't even bother to rearrange my desk to 'hide' the chocolate on my books. Because that would be a lie. And every girl out there knows they do the same thing. I love chocolate far too much to bother pretending I'm not addicted}


  1. "Because that would be a lie." And we don't lie. Still the good girl I remember. PS. Did you know orchids are airplanes? I would love to see them growing in a rainforest, right next to bromeliads which are also awesome.