Tuesday, July 15, 2014

100 Happy Days -- Days 92-95

Guys... we're really getting down to the count here!

Happy Day Moment #92
Having Saturday plans.
Drove my newly returned missionary cousin and his friends to the lake for our ward trip. Then spending the rest of the day with my man when he got off of work 2 hrs early!

Happy Day Moment #93
Missionary homecoming talk in church for my other cousin who just got home. 

Happy Day Moment #94
Sometimes you fall out of sync with people.

Happy Day Moment #95
He took me to a fancy Italian restaurant as our evening out together.
And bought "us" (me) a chocolate lava cake to "share".

We all know how that really played out. 

And, wasn't there something else???
oh yeah...

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  1. Oh, this last part made me LAUGH! When we have date nights in, we get Mike&Ikes (or Hot Tamales) and chocolate to share. I don't think he has ever touched the chocolate once.