Thursday, July 3, 2014

100 Happy Days -- Days 78-83

Happy Day Moment #78
Swimming with not one, but TWO married couple friends of ours.
Watch out

Happy Day Moment #79
Taking a nap

Happy Day Moment #80
A busy work day with a fun co-worker

Happy Day Moment #81
Getting the proofs for our wedding announcements!!
Miss Mitton is designing them!
(again... sorry but no previews)

Happy Day Moment #82

He bought me chicken fingers and fries.
Cus that's all I wanted.
And he didn't judge me for it.

Happy Day Moment #83
Laugh/Crying on the stairs with him cus I sometimes feel like a crazy person/emotional mess/disaster.

But he handles it. And says he still loves me.
Then we run errands and I feel happier then I ever am without him.

(Just accept the sappy. Embrace it,
and all my posts leading up to my wedding will go down a lot smoother)


  1. So behind in commenting! (June was a blur, so sorry.) BRING ON the sap! Love it. This is a unique time in your life in which sap is absolutely beautiful.