Monday, March 22, 2010

Casa Cunco (pt.1)

Part One
WArnInG: photo overload to come!
Today's post is going to be a two part affair because I took over 100 photos! Ah! But it was such an amazing day, like out of a movie. It was our one humanitarian day. We spent the whole day in this little remote village playing with kids, painting, passing out clothes/blankets, and playing soccer. I just feel so...blessed, spoiled, and without words to be in such a place and having the experiences I'm having. I hope you feel how refreshing today was~

Started out driving through the city going yet
higher in elevation from Cusco.
~12,800 elevation= lightheaded and out of breath~
Then, we got out into the fresh air.
Soccer is everywhere here.
Lots of sheep, and for those who really know me...
I get super excited when I see pigs!
Then, our bus broke down and we got to walk to the village.
I was so happy cus I felt more appreciative of
the beautiful scenery. Unbelievably fresh air. The villagers
in Casa Cunco don't have any motor transportation, so everyday
they walk up and down this hill to wherever they need to go.
The school kids walk 2 hrs in the morning to school
in the village down the mountain,
then 3 hours back up home.
And the wildflowers were everywhere.
Grandma & mama, you two would have loved it.
Then by chance/mercy, two cars came by and offered to
drive us and our humanitarian supplies up hill.
It was so hilarious, we all piled up in the back of this
OlD truck with Peruvians who didn't speak english.
Had to sandpaper the walls before we could paint's messy!
Walking through the village this little girl just came up
and took my hands and started to twirl :)
And then all too soon it was time to walk back.


  1. Look how even that horse is with the clouds! You are literally "up in the clouds." That woman carrying the Coca...those sheep coming down the narrow road en masse...holding hands with that child...your joy in that video, and look at you and cute Carlie! Love it all. Looking through all of this Ty said "Man! Look at Anne Marie!" with a sound of amazement.

  2. Such a beautiful environment you are living in! Everything is so green! I can't wait to follow this adventure!

  3. I'm so glad you got that sweet ride on video. Thank heavens for empty trucks going your way!