Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Conference~Day 1

Finally did what I "came here to do"... prEsent!
The sun came up so early I was up and going by 6:30 when I could have had at least another hour. Probably part of it was nerves, but once we got down in the conference room, saw the people and got going, I seriously wasn't nervous at all. In this photo I'm teaching about social change, a four part model, the first part being fundamental skills. Pretty fun~
Lynley recruited us all to help her with small groups
to identify Peru's top 10 public health concerns.
My group of women were so great.
Way organized and listened to every member in the circle.
Hey Ty, one lady asked me what time it was and I didn't
know how to say 12. So...I counted up to 11
(this is so embarrassing) and got across that I wanted '12'
then I got to say y media!!!!
Then, I got to talk to someone in French in the elevator,
so I felt redeemed of my language skills.
Surprise! Anne Marie found a market and bought...
...and this is only one day's attempt.
Brian bought this awesome hat.
Had to try it on.


  1. Fabulous and satisfying to bring together the Ghana research. Who would have EVER thought you'd be in Peru sharing the info! Dad and Ty cracked up at the hat. Is it Alpaca? We all laughed that you found bracelets and Ty say's he wants one..."maybe two...what?" Too bad he wasn't there to help you with the time in Spanish...he whipped it off as soon as he read your commentary. You girls look darling giving your presentation and Ty said that your photos of the people look like those you see in National Geographic or something...not really real! (From Mom)

  2. You are so cute, what great experiences you are having!

  3. Anne Marie, you are awesome! Just in case you didnt know that! I want a bracelet from Peru! and i love that you found a Bracelet store, soon enough you will be having bracelets coming up your whole arm :) haha love you and miss you ALOT!

  4. Peru seems enchanting Anne Marie and I love the hat and gloves!!!

  5. I've been missing it! I've been busy being a sister and worrying, but now I'm back. Sheesh. I miss your blog for a week and you reveal that you're dating someone AND you fly through Newark (which is forty-five minutes from here) AND you make yourself at home in Chile. That's what I get for neglecting your blog for a week, I guess. I look forward to more posts.

  6. 30 minutes after posting that I was thinking about all the wonderful things that you're doing at it hit me. PERU. Not Chile. Lima is in Peru. Can I blame it on the sinus infection?

  7. Anne Marie--amazing posts. I've just read the whole batch of them and amazing, amazing, amazing. You are amazing, your experiences are amazing, and your pictures are amazing. What sweet faces in your pictures--sweet and innocent. Continue to have a wonderful time.