Saturday, March 20, 2010

So you know when...

So you know when...

...the alarm clock goes off and it says 3 am
and your first thought is "Really?"'re pretty sure you are "that person" who
everyone hates because it's 4:30 am and
you're laughing so loud and everyone
else in the airport looks dead?

...the airline confiscates your apple sauce,
yet lets Carlie through with both a
razor and nail clippers?

...the two boys on either side of you on the
plane, who you just met, both fall asleep
basically on your shoulder because
CLEARLY they partied all night in Vegas?
(That is where we departed from.) land in Newark and realize
"huh, yeah, thought I was flying to
New York today."
Nice attention to details Anne Marie... feel like the stewardess is looking directly at
YOU as she repeats,
"once again, if you are using any
portable electronics, like a cell phone,
you need to turn them off NOW."
But, you feel justified cus you have to send off
one last goodbye text to your boyfriend???
{p.s. miss you} get off the plane and people start talking to you
in Spanish and all that comes out is French
and you realize that that fact alone is going
to make these next 8 days quite interesting?

that was today in a nutshell.

So, Carlie and I landed in Lima about 10:10 pm tonight (Saturday) and literally only had to walk directly across the street to get to our hotel. Pretty humid, and I already have 5 mosquito bites. Excellent. We had the smoothest flights [Vegas to Newark to Lima] and all on time. I was able to have at least 5 minutes of language comfort today when three young French kids boarded right behind me and I decided this random coincidence was just too fun, so we spoke a bit. Checked in and were so excited to see nice clean beds, a hairdryer, and American plugs!
Everyone keeps saying "hola" and "gracias" to me and it's totally throwing me off. But the people here are beautiful; dark hair and wide eyes. Once again, my blonde hair draws much attention, but the skin less so.

Carlie is super anxious to get outside but I'm trying to restrain her, seeing as how it is 11:30 P.M. and there's nothing to see but the airport. So we took a photo by this random leafy thing to pretend we were outside. What? You can tell it's going to be beautiful though once daylight hits because landing we could see all the lights of a city interrupted with hills and mountains.
We'll fly to Cuzco tomorrow and have a little down time to see the town and catch up on sleep.
Love you all. I'll try to remember little details as the day happens. I just count myself so lucky and blessed to be here~


  1. You are amazing to post this after such a long day...adrenaline? I heard dad laughing from the other room about the applesauce and nail clippers! Look at you and Carlie!!! I can't believe you are together again in yet another fantastic place. SOAK UP EVERY SECOND!! Love you! (Fun you got to use your French!!)

  2. Anne Marie, i miss you so much!! thats so annyoing about ur applesauce!! come home. Its lonley without you were! but actually stay there so i can hear about all the amazing adventures you will have!! just for the record! i LOVE YOU~

  3. P.S. I didnt get a goodbye text?!! what is this?!

  4. Kaitlin.....I thought the same thing about the "last text." Whaaaat?" Dad and I are used to that final contact. Hellllllooooo? :)