Monday, March 22, 2010

Casa Cunco (pt 2) Children

("Part One" of 'Casa Cunco'
post appears below this post.)
~I can not possibly express how beautiful these children are~
At first they just stared at smiles.
But, with the most piercing eyes.
But I learned in Africa that showing kids photos
always works to get them smiling and close.
Could nOt get enough.
We brought them these balls.
Huge hit.
Busted out a game of soccer.
Rodrigo eventually came and sat by me in the
"I've played, and now I'm tired" patch of grass. Wise.
All of their cheeks are so burnt.
It gets so hot, but then they crack when it's cold at night.
These kids will hold my heart forever.


  1. You never look quite so beautiful as you do while in "your element" in these situations. For the record...I want one of each of these hats. And, I will take one child to raise, as well. :) Good luck with the presentation today. You are in our prayers.

  2. Those kids really are amazing. You are doing such a great job of capturing the "life" of these children in your photos. Thanks so much for giving us here an opportunity to see them and appreciate them as well. You are great! Good luck today and keep drinking that water!!!

  3. Thank goodness for your pictures to give us a slice of Peru. If you see Coulson give him some photo hints! We have been thinking of you non-stop. So glad I get to pick you up at the airport and hear a first hand review. We love you and are so glad you are having these awesome experiences!

  4. The children are so beautiful!

  5. Wow Annie...these kids are sooooo precious! I can't believe you're getting the opportunity to see them! That is sooo neat!

  6. Annie as i read your posts I tear up. It reminds me of my kids and family of Portugal. there are no words to describe the love that you feel for them... it gives us a little more of a glimps of our Heavenly Father for us. You will forever want to be with them and they will forever remember your smile.