Sunday, March 21, 2010

Goodbye Lima...Hello Cusco

HolA from Peru!
Left Lima this morning...
and landed in Cusco this afternoon.
By far the best landing I've ever experienced.
We took a wide sweeping turn into the valley between
all the mountains. Little adobe roofs everywhere.
First thing we were instructed to do was drink tea.
They have coca leaves that, when put in water,
help with the altitude sickness.
Tasted disgusting and yes, if I were to take a
drug test I would test positive for cocaine. Strange.
Took a walk...
in back cobblestone alleys...
seeing beautiful colors...
to the main plaza.
(could the sky get any bluer?)
This little girl, Alicia, just kept looking
up at me so finally I asked for
a picture. Then she got all shy, naturally.
It could not have been sunnier either~
The architecture is definitely Spanish.
The rain changed how everything looked.
Luckily, we missed the rain shower that came
when we were eating dinner at INKA grill.
(Sweet potato chips with mint dip, then a
local classic of shredded chicken, cream sauce,
nuts, potatoes and rice.)
But just in case that doesn't sound good...don't worry,
they have breaded Alpaca.
This little girl was a character...
..and this couple just looked so 'the part.'
Please just look at her hat.

Overall, it was just an awesome day. Very relaxed. We are all a little sick from the fatigue of travel and then the huge altitude increase so tonight it's pretty chill. Carlie and I have our own room and are just enjoying hot showers, pj's, a little Colbie Caillat, and photos from the day. Oh, but we found we sooo can't sing because then we really don't get enough oxygen in us. haha!

Until next time...I'll just be hangin' out in Peru~


  1. anne marie this is your favourite littlest brother in the world... you have to laminate a cocaine leaf and bring it home to the U.S. of A... for me

  2. Remember that Cuzco is where I was stranded with two missionary buddies on our way home from Argentina. Three days turned into about five. Have some Inca Cola for your Uncle Kevin. It will also take the nasty altitude sickness medicine after-taste away. Love ya girlie. Dad

  3. okay, so im going to be commenting on every post! You look like your having so much fun! i love you!

  4. I love how you notice and appreciate every little thing. Take care of yourself...hope you feel better. BUY YOURSELF A HAT. Tell Carlie and Lyn hello and that you are all in our prayers. You look great. Breaded Alpaca. Hmmmm. Cocaine! Too much!!

  5. (That post above was from me...Mama.)

  6. Hey you! Thought I should at least get on here once to say hi. You look like you are having so much fun. The colors and people look amazing. Looks like you could have used a personal translator ;) Well, stay safe and keep posting awesome photos. {ps. I feel quite honored to have gotten the "last goodbye" text...frankly, I was pretty stoked. Ha! I sent you one back, but I doubt you got it before you had to turn off your phone. Here it is: "Hi ya back! And good bye for a while. Be safe :) ps. I miss you."} And that's still the truth.. miss ya Anne Marie, but I'm super glad for this experience you are having.

  7. annie..this is brooke. i am SO jealous of you right now! you look like your having a blast and your pics are amazing!! cant wait for the next post. love and miss you! <3

  8. Woo hoo Annie! It looks like you're having an awesome time so far! Keep on posting...and we still need to TALK more after you get home! hehe! Love you!

  9. PS- How high in altitude are you? Do they make everyone drink that tea stuff?! Eew! Haha!

  10. It is so much prettier than I expected, what a great adventure!

  11. By-the-way, you better be drinking lots of water!!

  12. wow!! Such beautiful pictures!!! Sounds like an amazing trip!

  13. Where did I hear that those leaves are a hunger suppressant, too? So maybe they keep you from getting sick by taking away your appetite for sick-inducing food. I love all of the photos, but I hope that you someday frame that one of the sheep coming down the alley. Love that one.