Friday, March 26, 2010

Sight Seeing #1

My computer is back! YEaH. Now I can update you all
on how my wonderful time in Peru finished up.
First stop was Qorikancha,
a convent of Saint Domingo of Cusco.
The Spanish built over the sacred sites of the Inkans
as a way of conquering them. Mean.
Neither Carlie nor I really have any more photos cus,
lets be honest, it's a museum. After about 63 in Europe...
you're just done :)
Then the beautiful Saqsayhuaman.
Supposedly, if you drink the water you live forever.
They had it roped off, so that was a bummer!
Figured I'd have to just bank on the church for that whole
"Eternal Life" thing~
Along our hike they had these awesome slide things.
We totally weren't ganna do it, then Carlie and I
looked at each other and were like,
"Why not? We're here!"
So that's us at the top, conquering.
The white statue was a copy of the
Christ statue in Brazil.
The people have crosses and Christ statues everywhere.
So religiously minded.
Big amphitheater.
Walked through pitch black tunnels through the rocks.
Nothing like seeing light at the end of the tunnel!
There were quite a few parts to Saqsayhuaman.
The whole walking tour took a few hours.
Just so nice to be outside.
Look how close the stones fit together.
No mortar or anything. Genius craftsmanship.
Stopped at a textile market with boxes of Llama wool
just waiting to be spun.
Came so close to buying this hat......
then I remembered I didn't live in Peru.
Took a beautiful drive into the valley way down
from where we spent the day.
Surprise! Power's out in the hotel!
Welcome to a 3rd world.
(Yes, we realize we look creepy, haha)
They had a single candle burning in every room.
Set quite a mood.
Then, in the morning we got to see how beautiful it was.
We could see the stars through the roof when
we checked in at night, so overall it
made for a more memorable end to a great day.


  1. Favorites: "Then I remembered I didn't live in Peru." (Still would have looked adorable on you.) "Figured I'd just have to bank on the Church for that whole 'Eternal Life' thing." That photo of the Llama and the person sitting on the ground! How beautiful is that! Cute cute photo of you, Carlie, and Lynley. Funny black out video! Glad to finally get caught up...

  2. Annie I am so impressed with all of the amazing service you do and jealous of all the wonderful places you traveled too. I am sure you have touched countless lives! I love you so much and can't wait to see you!

  3. It is amazingly beautiful there. We have had a few choice experiences with no power so I feel your pain. It was so fun to see you this past week, you look so beautiful!