Monday, April 7, 2014

100 Happy Days --- Day 1

A friend of mine recently began a daily 'journal'
entitled 100 Happy Days

Everyone has good times and sad times;
they come in their seasons

To better focus on the good and blessed that is in my life,
I'm starting my own 100 Happy Days

Day #1

2 months ago I left my home
and started a new life out west

I love Boston. It's my home
I love my friends. They're my support, my humor. They know me and hold my heart
It's been hard to be away

Today, my 'Happy Day' was jumping into my new calling as Family Home Evening chair (Latter-day Saint FHE). I don't know many people out here, and don't feel I can yet call many 'friends'... but tonight... I think I started making a few.
Maybe in time I'll have a follow up photo like this one, for my 'new' friends

1 comment:

  1. Gratitude is transformative, isn't it? Also, I have gained great appreciation for FHE attendance in my single days. I use lots of those skills (of adopting other and allowing myself to be adopted) right now while I am far from my blood family. I have a good feeling about this, Annie. It won't be long at all.