Tuesday, April 15, 2014

100 Happy Days --- Days 8&9

Last night was a lunar eclipse.
He and I both enjoy 'space stuff'. Him more space in general, me specifically the moon. 
Happy Day moment # 8
Setting up his telescope and watching a movie outside to slowly watch the gradual "shadowing-over" of the moon, until it finally appears red. 

Our best attempt at a photo.

Happy Day moment #9:

Retail therapy.

Anyone who denies the validity of this phenomenon I can only assume must never have purchased anything very amazing or happy
Treat yourself to at least a look around Alex and Ani.
It's a happy site.


  1. I need to remember to wear my Alex and Ani more. And, you are making me feel like I can start my blog again...

  2. It's been a few days since I checked in here. I don't know why. This exercise of yours blesses me, too! I cannot see a photo of moon and not hear Clair de Lune in my head. Cannot. I'm sure there are only one thousand songs about the moon, but Debussy did something amazing when he wrote that.

  3. P.S. I was telling my kids about this song and found this YouTube video. I think the beauty of the images are enough to make just about any swoony over the song and the light in the night sky. I know Amelia was a little smitten.

  4. Whoops. And the link: