Wednesday, April 23, 2014

100 Happy Days --- Days 16&17

I think my walks around the golf course are ganna be a repeat offender for happy day moments. 
This time I saw little 'goosling' chicks, all fluffy and cute. 

Happy Day Moment #16
Baby geese

Happy Day Moment #17
My Boston bracelets finally arriving!!!!!
They have beautiful meanings sentimental to me, such as 
Apple of Abundance: insight, wisdom, teacher
Boston: proud, distinct, historic
Sacred Gemstone: Healing 
Topaz: His birth month, Fidelity, and November...
 the month we first saw each other again after 4 yrs 
H: for obvious reasons

Happy Days :)

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  1. Love the bracelets. Gorgeous. Did you already have that purple beaded one? Don't remember it.