Wednesday, April 9, 2014

100 Happy Days --- Day 3

Happy count-down to Easter!

One of my kid's moms gave me and the clinicians I work with little chocolate brownies baked inside a ceramic 'egg carton' for our Easter surprise. That got me in the mood to put out my pretty Easter Bunny mama gave me last year. Isn't she feminine and sweet?! (The bunny... even though mama is too!)
Happy Day moment #3

Any suggestions for the lone frame beside her???
One of those forgotten things that goes on toooo long...


  1. I picture of the empty tomb from your parents trips to the Holy Land. (I think I took care of you and the boys that week!) Or a photo of lilies on your mom's table. She always has beautiful lilies at Easter.

    1. Oh Liz, you are remarkable in so many ways. Yes, I did always have lilies at Easter. Kris brought me one single lily our very first married Easter many women get flowers on Easter? Mothers Day, yes...but Easter? He started a tradition which still continues today.

    2. Marie, in college I got lilies at Easter, first for my dorm room and then for my apartment kitchen table.
      My FHE brother: oh, is this your family tradition, to have lilies on the table?
      Me: No, the tradition of a family I babysat for.
      My FHE brother: you're keeping the tradition of a family you BABYSAT for?
      Me: Well, they were more than that.
      My FHE brother: the flowers or the family?
      Me: Both.

      Those flowers always made me so happy in April. I think the photo of of Christ and Mary at the tomb has lilies in the corner. I could be wrong, but I always picture them there around a heartbroken Mary and comforting Christ.

    3. I said photo of Christ. Of course I meant painting. Silly me, typing at 11 p.m.