Monday, April 21, 2014

100 Happy Days --- Days 12,13,14,&15

So many happy times...
Full full weekend

Happy Day Moment #12
Clark FINALLY took me to a buffet, which we were both prepared for me to hate given my proclivity to germ-phobia. But it was great!

Happy Day Moment #13
The beautiful Vegas Temple

Happy Day Moment #14
Big egg hunt @ Aunt Zan's, and I even found one of the 10 'golden eggs' during the adult egg hunt. $10!

Happy Day Moment #15
 Cheering on my friend Liza back home running the Boston Marathon.
What a wonderful accomplishment. She was 1 mile short of the finish line last year when the bombs went off. Special day for all of us who were there last year. Love that city. Grateful for so much of what it gave me. 

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