Friday, July 3, 2009


Welcome to Africa! The humidity that greeted me as I stepped off the plane this morning sealed the deal that I was FOR SURE in Africa, along with the large “Akwaaba” sign meaning Welcome in Ghanaian. 

We met up with our director Lyn and hopped on a bus headed for our Pink Hostel (which is in fact pink) on 2nd Mango Tree street in Asylum Down.

The streets were packed with vendors walkingright through the speeding traffic to sell everything from super glue to grapes. My favorite vendor so far was selling bright red and blue jerseys with Obama’s face on them because he is coming to Ghana in a week. Crazy. 

 Looking out the windows as we drove to our hostel was just a foreign experience. The lush green plants growing everywhere, people staring at us and trying to sell us things, the blatant poverty of society, babies strapped to their mothers backs, and huge bowl of food and items to sell balancing on their heads.

Can you see the basket on her head?!


There is a very different feeling to seeing all of this for the first time. A little scary when you walk around and everyone is looking at you, but it’s culture and I love it! I've been on my first taxi ride with lots of honking and a few choice words in Ghanaian, but all went smoothly and I love my roommates already. It’s hot…but we’ve all vowed to not judge each other for our serious lack of beauty. It is all part of the experience.

I’m in Ghana and I love it!


  1. Anne Marie!! I cannot tell you how excited dad and I were to find this post on your new blog this morning!! I have been watching for any word of your safe arrival about every two hours since I knew you this was thrilling!! Already, you have brought sweet tears to your mom's eyes. I am so grateful for your opportunity, attitude, level of appreciation, and excitement! I will write to you via email later today! Happy 4th of July...African style! (Love the purple skirt you chose to wear on your first 'real' day there. :)

  2. WOO HOO! This is CRAZY, Anne Marie, that you are actually in AFRICA! The post was cool and I loved watching the video just to get a feel for what you're actually seeing! Love ya!

    Love, Kylie :)

  3. Happy Independence Day! I know what it's like spending patriotic days abroad--I hope you found a moment to sing the national anthem and imagine a broad burst of fireworks in the night sky! I'm so excited for you, Annie. I look forward to your posts.

  4. i am most definitely looking forward to reading all about your experiences in the coming weeks. sounds like you're off to a great start.