Thursday, July 23, 2009


A few of us went running again this morning and were once again cheered on by those we passed. After running yesterday, I wrote dad and said I had never felt so white. You just seem to stick out when you’re running and when you’re all blonde. Anyway, we met for class in the foyer of our second story hostel and Lynley asked if anyone was hungry. She told us later she was hoping one of us would have said we were starving, providing a perfect lead-in to today’s discussion. We were all asked to think how many times since we’ve been here we have found ourselves saying, “I’m so hungry” or “I’m starving.” My roommate, no joke, just walked past me and said, “I’m so hungry!” Case in point. We talked about starvation and how it really affects people in poor countries…….then Lynley surprised us and took us all out to breakfast. We were all in our PJ’s and scrubbies. Ok, kind of an ironic thing to do but it was great.

We proceeded to spend the rest of today lounging by the pool at La-Palm. It is the nicest hotel in the country and where all the visiting presidents stay. And to top it off…we are going back to our favorite restaurant to eat (Rhapsody). We have completely spoiled ourselves today. But I was feeling seriously sick today so I just slept in the sun and totally loved it.

I saw a little boy today who looked like a young Call. He was leading his blind father around from car to car begging. Lynley reached in her bag and gave him a fruit roll up. His face was so precious. He looked at it and smiled the biggest most genuine smile. It took me by surprise because I suddenly saw Call in the young boys place. Again, my eyes prickled and I cried. I think my no crying streak is over! Now it’s almost everyday I cry from what I experience here. I just couldn’t help but see little Call out there begging for himself and dad with his infectious smile and innocence. Little boy~

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  1. I hope the sweet little boy was able to enjoy the fruit roll up...