Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rainforest Canopy Walk

As our first week came to a close, we all headed out for our first of four weekend excursions. This week we were packing in two large events in just two days including all the travel time. Busy!

We rode in the bus for a few hours until we reached a crocodile reserve. An odd place for our first stop but it was a fun stop. There was a large muddy pond with wooden walkways built across the top of it. We walked to a little patch of dirt and kind of creeped out about how many crocs were in the water. A lady brought out a bowl of raw chicken and walked out onto the dirt and coaxed out a crocodile. She would seriously whack it on the nose to keep it from coming up the stairs. Not what I would have done but whatever. It was fun and very fitting for Africa.

Next we headed to the rainforest. It was pouring. Luckily I had my rain jacket but my shorts were falling off me from all the water and my sandals were just drenched. Nothing like mud between the toes. We hiked through the forest for a ways until we reached the first platform. We had no idea what to expect which made it all the better when we got there.

About 30 years ago, two Canadian men and 6 Ghanaian men built these canopies.

Here I Go!

Woo hoo!
Once we started out on the canopy I wanted it to go forever. I could go back today. It was rickety but still secure. The rain made the most beautiful sound with all the drops crashing down to the leaves. Totally surround sound.

The air was misty and so beautiful around all the green. Going to the rainforest has been a life goal since 4th grade. I remember going to Mrs. Endsley's class and how it was decked out in green crepe paper and fake bird decorations to teach us about the rainforest being cut down. I knew I would go someday and now I have. So amazing.

I was praying as I took all these photos that my camera would still work because of all the rain. Some people were clinging on for dear life, others were no-handing it, and I was leaning over the edge checking out how far down the forest floor was.
I did run through an emergency "what if I fell" plan in my head. I came up with the idea that if I had to, I would grab onto the mesh and not the rope since it would be easier to grab. Turns out others had done the same thing! Mostly I was just joking, but the scene from Indiana Jones when the bridge broke and they are clinging on for dear life did come to mind. At least we had already left the crocodiles at the reserve and nothing with teeth was below us!

After we had walked all of the canopies, we had to hike back down. I hung behind and took some good photos. It was nice just to look. The colors were so pure because of the rain. The tree trunks were so typical for what I pictured a rainforest to have. And the vines were everywhere!
I will never forget this. I love the rainforest!


  1. I just can't believe you did that! It seems like that's only something people HEAR about. Fun and are killing me with everything you are doing and seeing!

  2. What an exciting experience! I can't believe this is where my parents grew up...and where I have relatives living! Enjoy every moment...I wish I was there!

  3. And I thought parts of the trail going up to Half Dome was scarry!!! Your are brave and so having a time of your life. Love your reporting. You are amazing.

  4. I can't get over how saturated those greens are. Doesn't that just give life to one's soul?

  5. Dreams do come true Anne! Looks like you are having some experiences that you will always cherish. The rainforest canopy experience looked amazing!