Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Into Africa

I have always been interested in people, cultures, color, fabrics, 
and viewing the world for its unique beauties. 
Two years ago I was able to live in France for a time, 
experiencing a language and culture I have always loved. 
Tomorrow I will start a new adventure in
Accra, Ghana. 
As a "get to know you" question, I used to ask people 
where they would travel
 if someone handed them a ticket to anywhere in the world. 
After Paris, my answer was always "Africa!"
Tomorrow, that wish is coming true. For one month I will be teaching, 
researching, and serving. I will be teaching in the Osu school,
 conducting research on A.I.D.S. awareness, 
and serving and playing with children in a small orphanage. 
For my own record, this blog will serve as a personal journal
 and keepsake of my experiences with the new people, cultures, colors, 
fabrics, and unique gifts my time in Africa will afford me. 
I would love for you to enjoy Africa with me 
SEW...I'll keep you posted~ 


  1. I am so excited for you, I've always wanted to see Africa myself. Enjoy your time, good luck with your research and experience everything you can. We'll be watching for posts.

    Aunt Molly (

  2. Anne Marie,
    You will be in our prayers as you take on this new and exciting adventure. I will look forward to hearing about all of your many experiences. Good luck, be safe and know the Falkes are thinking of you.

  3. Anne Marie,
    I'm so glad that you are blogging about Africa. It will be so fun to follow all of your adventures. I can't wait to see all you get to do.

  4. Anne Marie,

    I am so excited to follow your adventure in Ghana. I love how you express your fellings about where you are. You have such a wonderful attitude about new places and people. You will be loved and apprecited..

    Dianne K.

  5. HI Anne Marie, Thanks for the letter about your trip. Wow, sounds like an awesome experience, I know it will be so rewarding. Will be praying that you have a safe and wonderful time while you are there. Love the blog to keep us updated. You are a beautiful girl !