Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Face in the Crowd

In all the swarms of children that surround me at school, I occasionally find one face in the crowd that stands out more than the rest. Here are some beautiful faces from today~

I love her upward gaze

little ones...

I love touching their little heads and they love holding hands~
I really do feel famous here.
Coming home is going to be an adjustment!


  1. Just priceless. The photos and the narrative. Love you.

  2. Oh, but you seem quite aware of yourself amidst all the celebrity. I hope you have the priceless opportunity to feel most like yourself there in Ghana--those are the moments to add to your reservoir for future access.

  3. Wonderful photos and sentiments Anne Marie. Beautiful...

  4. You might end up being the General Relief Society President of the Church. You will be so prepared.