Sunday, July 5, 2009


For the rest of us…We caught a taxi and headed to our quiet little church. We took a detour, winding around independence square, a sports stadium, and after only three stops for our driver to ask for directions, finally arrived at church when we spotted Angel Moroni sounding his trump above the trees. 

The sacrament room is lined with windows to let in the air, with ceiling fans attempting and failing to circulate the air. As soon as we sat down the rain began to poor buckets outside. Muggy!!! But that is how the temple grounds get so full of greenery, which is an ok trade-off. Lynley says that is why we have to drink at least 3 liters of water a day because you start to feel sick from all the moisture you're losing.

The people bore very simple testimonies with clear messages. The opening prayer was like a mini sermon. “Where there is hopelessness, let there be hope. Where there is hunger, let there be bounty. Where there is sadness, let there be joy.” All in the best accent. Sunday school and R.S. also delivered a clear message with good input from the members.  The behaviors and workings of the people resemble each other and the Essumans’, especially when the women laugh; it is with their whole body like when Abigail laughs. Happy people~

Celebrity moment! On the cover of this month’s Ensign is a woman from Ghana. Totally cool…I met her and took a photo with her. She is in the Stake R.S. presidency and in the ward I go to here. She is a great lady and told us the story of when she found out she was on the cover. She saw three white women walking and when they saw here they got really excited. She said “I didn’t know what was happening but I could tell something was exciting so I followed them and they took me to a distribution center and showed me the Liahona.” And on the back are some of the children in the ward. 

We walked around temple grounds and took some photos. The palm trees were trimmed in the most creative ways…like a fan. And the little girl Stephanie we met in church followed us and wanted to hug everyone. Makes me look forward to being in the orphanage. The children are so beautiful, like mini adult faces. It was a nice Sunday. It is always fun to see the church in a new country and meet the sweet members

P.S....We all went on a walk tonight after dinner, just to check out our area we live in and ended up at a church. The women who lived next door took us to a service clear across town, along with a little boy Isaac who hangs around our hostel. We were walking through gutters behind the ghettos and saying hello to all the children hiding behind doors and in the 4 ft. deep gutters and women doing laundry in buckets. I wish I could photograph everything I see but it's just a whole experience you can't capture on film. The lives these people must  live. Indescribable.
The singing and dancing once we arrived was ok and fun, but I just love the spirit in our church too much I guess. Their worship lacks a feeling of safety.I was a little uncomfortable, especially at night. All in the experience right? Not a Sunday I will forget. 
SO SO grateful for our church!


  1. What incredible experiences you are having Anne Marie! Thank you for taking us along on your journey. You are in my prayers.

  2. Oh my goodness! We can't keep up with you! Arrived back home safe and sound this evening to find TWO new posts from you. Very exciting. You have always written down your thoughts and feelings so beautifully and full of thought...we feel as if we are hearing and seeing things right along with you.

  3. I have to admit that I am little jealous. I would love the opportunity to visit Ghana but I loved that you have taken us along on the journey and I love the pictures. I hope to go one day :)