Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Rigabamboo

Taught the kids about the tooth today. Carlie works for a cosmetic dentist and all the Rowans are in the mouth business, so we felt qualified! Seeing as how we finished early we once again resorted to songs to fill up some remaining time. Today's choice? A Rigabamboo.......courtesy of girls camp. 

Over and over again we sang the song. Even when we went out to the schoolyard we had requests to sing the song. I think it was so popular because of all the hand motions. 
Another popular song was "Do As I'm Doing". The kids love coming to the front of the class so this gave another opportunity to have fun, use time, and give the kids a spotlight moment. 

Later, when we moved to games outside, I felt someone touching my leg. I looked over and it was Mary, a girl I think is so sweet, and she was pointing to a vein on my leg. I laughed because you really can't see the veins in their arms or legs because their skin is so dark. But here I am this white girl with no tan. Easy target. Spotlight moment for me. 


  1. Loved the Girls camp song!!! Aw... the memories!

  2. I caught myself moving back and forth with those darlings in the front row!

  3. P.S. I missed the last paragraph about the vein in your leg somehow. That is absolutely hilarious! A new discovery.

  4. So fun! And that is why we go to girls camp--so we have a lifelong repetoire of singable silly songs.

  5. Cute, cute, so cute! Those primary and camp songs are really a entry.