Monday, July 13, 2009

My Room

Here is a tour of my room. Ours is the biggest of all of the rooms and we have made it our own. I'm sure it helps that we are friends and all good girls who are loving Africa~

Room 2, floor 2
Because we have the biggest room, we also store all the
humanitarian items behind our door.
Our water heater is in the top corner, see?
He's a tiny little guy...
but we love him!

This is what I see when I walk in.
This is Jordyn & Kate's side...

.....and this is mine & Carlie's side.
P.S. We did not plan on posing the same way!

We have this large closet that we have divvied up. manages to stay organized:)
Sometimes we look at our coats and actually wish we had more.
Cold in Ghana? Yes, it does happen in the rainy season. Who would have thought?

This is our bathroom door and the little "vanity" we use to primp.
We have yet to even turn on the T.V.
Kind of weird it's even in here. We just ignore it!

And here is our shower where we attempt to get clean.
Our shower door literally has to be picked up and moved because the rollers do not work. We hold the handle of the shower head too, because none of us can successfully reach the holder to make it a hands free shower faucet, so no worries. We all have different colored luffas and individual corners for our "stuff". One adjustment has been as soon as I step out of the shower the humidity hits me and I'm kind of sticky all over again. But the AC in our room works so well that sometimes I hang out in the shower room just a little longer than necessary because it's all cozy in there! I've always preferred to be warm as opposed to cold....I guess that transfers everywhere in the world, even Ghana!

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  1. Oh, wow! That looks very nice! Good to see that. (Funny that you and Carlie sat the same way. Guess you are both girls!)